The Vision Must be More Than Ideas

The Vision

canstockphoto1112429Social Entrepreneurs are people with vision that are motivated to solve complex problems. Their eyes tell the story of sadness because of the current condition or problem that remains within their view.

Although cloudy and undefined at times, the vision is a driving inner voice that compels them toIdeas on a Napkin write out their ideas. Their ideas may seem grandiose because the Social Entrepreneur is convinced that the complexity of the problem requires a complete solution. Their vision and ideas are often sketched on paper or even written on napkins during their most recent visit to the local coffee shop.

The vision, language and context goes across lines of business, education, human services and innovation. Social Entrepreneurs may be well versed in a particular area or discipline, but they realize that they need additional knowledge and expertise to formulate the vision into a complete solution.

These visionaries are focused on solving problems locally and how the lessons learned can impact other areas or communities. Imagine that? A vision where solutions scale and replicate success?

We help Social Entrepreneurs develop complete solutions.

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