The Race for a Solution

A Solution Fully Addresses the Problem

Our clients are doers. They are people of action that desire their businesses and ventures to be a complete solution. That is both a good thing and a curse because Social Entrepreneurs are often people that are already successful in business or life. Their desire is to share their passion and skills by finding a significant cause or area to invest that results in a solution to a pressing problem.

A real solution is not going to be handed to them nor is it quick and easy to develop. The metrics of success and the demands of the vision they want to achieve often go beyond their individual capabilities. They are accustomed to running and winning individual races but their vision is about creating a path for others to follow and real success.  Our greatest client challenge is to slow them down to develop a complete solution that fully addresses the problem their vision has identified. After slowing them down, they have to be willing to:

  • Complete a difficult training series and face obstacles (personal and venture issues)
  • Build a winning team
  • Develop a winning venture plan, often from scratch
  • Gain support, resources, hands-on experience and achieve success implementing their winning business or social venture plans

Our clients are willing to make the investments of time, talent and financial commitment to launch and sustain their ventures. Our job is to walk them through our proven Value Creation Process (VCP) that creates sustainable ventures or programs. Our process goes beyond traditional and piece meal approaches by creating sustainable solutions.

More to follow on the Institute’s Value Creation Process in future blogs.

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