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The Complete Process is Forward

Follow a proven process!!!
Going Backwards
Why Go Backwards?

Stop Going Backwards!!!
Maybe you are like me? I value time and the opportunities afforded to me so I hate going backwards. I prefer to follow a process that will lead to the desired outcome without wasting time, resources or results with a partial solution. I have come to appreciate and follow processes that achieve better results.

The Need for a Complete Process
Social Entrepreneurs have a burning desire and commitment to address social and business needs as a complete solution. They are engaged in life changing missions that solve problems and complete projects that take them to communities worldwide. Their goals and success measures can include the series of desired outcomes in the illustration to the right:

The outcomes that make ventures successful
The outcomes that make ventures great

Their success is not accidental but driven by carefully crafted plans, high performing teams, partners and a process. A comprehensive process should be followed before, during the venture’s launch and measured impact.

The Process in Forward
For 15 years, the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship has helped clients launch and sustain social ventures. We help clients research, design and implement customized venture or program solutions. Our team of experts guide organizations through all stages of our Value Creation Process (VCP) that helps entrepreneurs achieve success. Our process goes beyond traditional and piece meal approaches by creating sustainable solutions. The VCP includes the following benefits:

  • Smart Design & Development
  • Effective (Saves Time)
  • Efficient (Save Resources)
  • Solution Based
  • Sustainable

Our process is summarized in the illustration below:

ISE Value Creation Process Overview

Over the next four blog messages will cover our process in greater detail.

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