Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

Ongoing Support

We are committed to seeing Social Entrepreneurs grow by providing support. We provide access to mentoring services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. The greatest client needs are listed in the image below:

Mentoring Services

After completing our Planning, Design and Development phases, we provide a complementary 1 Hour Check-in to assess our client’s progress. Clients may then purchase the additional bundled services options below:

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Bundle Mentoring Services (On-Site or Video / Phone Conferencing):

5 Hour (One-Day). Our experts spend a day (5 hours) on-site or video / phone conferencing with your business to help develop the right long-term solution.

10 Hour Strategic Conferencing Sessions. These ten hours of strategic mentoring are designed to ensure your success. Topics most frequently covered include:

•  Team and Staff Development

•  Business Growth, Return on Investment and Sustainability

•  Sustainable Development and Impact Measurement

•  Assistance Accessing Capital, Financing or Resources


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