Pursue Your Passion and Purpose

Pursue Your Passion and Purpose. Have you ever met people that are preoccupied with just living?

Social Entrepreneurs follow their passion and purpose. A passion is simply something that you are enthusiastic about. Our purpose connects our passion and our lives into a central idea or way that makes a difference. The ability to pursue your passion and purpose requires several keys.

Courage – It takes great courage for a person to pursue their passion and purpose in the face of potential obstacles, especially self doubt and the expectations of others.

Opportunity – The quest to follow your passion and purpose forces one to make uncomfortable choices that may seem risky or unsettling. I have a friend that rejected a $100,000 job offer to pursue her passion for social media and marketing by launching a small business. She is experiencing success in her first year of business.

Time – A commitment to spending the necessary time to ensure the success of the business or venture.

A few years ago, I began examining my life and work. The process revealed the need to better focus my efforts on activities that truly pursued my passion and purpose. Perhaps you are exploring this new lifestyle of adventure?

Take some time to pursue your passion and let me know if you need some help?

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