Institute for Social Entrepreneurship


What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Entrepreneurship is a process that utilizes highly skilled and trained teams to solve complex social and business needs using innovative and non-conventional methods. The teams design and implement customized ventures and programs. The dual mission is to fulfill a purpose and generate a profit.

How Do We Help?

  1. We are experts in providing comprehensive solutions for social entrepreneurial ventures. We provide a proven process (see Value Creation Process below!), products, and services that include consultation, research, program design / development, coaching, and support systems.
  2. We combine theory and practice through our curriculum and hands-on experiences, designed to integrate Social Entrepreneurship into real world businesses, organizations and communities.
  3. We have the proven expertise, process and support systems that help Social Entrepreneurs go from concept to implementation, resulting in ventures that are profitable, sustainable, impact investment oriented, and customer driven.
Theory Put into Practice

The Institute’s Value Creation Process

Value Creation Process (VCP) – the proven process the Institute uses to create winning ventures and initiatives. The primary focus is on creating sustainable ventures or programs that address business and social needs.

The Concept of Social Entrepreneurship goes beyond the confines of traditional community development and allows for entrepreneurship to be applied in:

• Generating a greater profit by making more wealth and sustainable improvements to schools and communities

• Resolving pressing issues that prevent development and thriving communities

• Solving both business and social needs in a variety of settings, impact areas or applications

ISE Value Creation Process Overview


Puzzle Profile

The Institute for Social Entrepreneurship has spent the past 15 years developing social entrepreneurial knowledge sharing, frameworks, proven models and winning ventures. The institute started after securing a $280,000 grant. Over the past 15 years, social entrepreneurship theory has been put into practice for both small and large businesses. The Institute’s expertise has continually grown to match the complexity of our client’s ventures and projects.

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What is Our Future Focus?

The ISE will continue to assist organizations to increase their profitability, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. Our goal is to share our Value Creation Process and success with developing communities in the US and abroad.   This strategic focus allows communities to benefit from the ISE’s innovative, entrepreneurial approaches and models. The communities will have access to:

Orientation to Social Entrepreneurship

Online and in-person Courses and Workshops

A Community Entrepreneurship Developers (CED) series to enable individuals and teams to implement the model in their communities including those outside of the US

Consulting services and mentoring to assist ventures

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