Are YOU an Entrepreneur?

The Journey begins with you the individual. The 15 minute online survey will verify if you have the essential mindset to be successful in business and life.

Our comprehensive assessment:

•   Confirms if you have the Entrepreneur mindset!
•   Discovers your hidden talents
•   Matches your skills and interest with the right business type
•   Recommends roles you should play at each stage of a business or venture<p>

Feedback videos and coaching help to chart the next steps.

The report’s Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®, (ISPI™) offer insight into 12 internal orientations that affect the way people think, solve problems, make decisions and interact with others.

To complete the ISPI™ please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to: 

2. Create a username, password and enter your demographic information.

3. In the company code field, enter code: 736484

4. Next, select “ISPI™ Tool” and enter your credit card information.

4. Complete all 50 questions and then click, Calculate Results.

5. This will take you to your ISPI™ Portal.

Reviewing Your Report


•Assessment reports can be accessed through a secured portal at a value of $75.00.

• To review your report digitally, click the Personalized Feedback Report link on the Home profile page and save it to your computer or tablet.

• If you prefer to print your report, please do so double-sided and in color for best quality.

• Be sure to write down your individual username and password in order to get your feedback report. For future visits to the website visit:

October 22, 2021
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