Institute for Social Entrepreneurship


The Journey”-7 Module Interactive Hands on Learning Lab 

Our acclaimed, interactive business-learning method is your key to success in filling gaps, leveraging opportunities and completing the picture. “The Journey” is a hands-on, interactive lab with modules that cover a range of topics in just 50 hours: identifying your opportunity to create social change, developing your business and marketing plan, gathering resources and launching your business.

This is your incubator at any stage to refine your business and social strategy, with multi-media, team-learning and one-on-one mentoring. The 7 modules include content that will apply to any stage of a business and deliver results as shown below:

Inception Stage: Matches the individual with the type of potential business

Growth Stage: Identifies the team to help fill the gaps of opportunities and needed skill sets

Leverage Stage: Helps fill gaps with a solid team throughout the entire life cycle of the business

The Journey is designed for the New Economy & 21st Century Marketplaces:

•  Contains a blend of traditional and experiential learning activities

•  Increases student skill levels and overall business mindset

•  Incorporates critical thinking exercises and teamwork skill building

•  Includes built-in business standards and success measures

•  Improves communities and develops sustainable projects

Online Training – The Journey – Each module is available online with a compressed and enriched version that can be taken in any combination.

Workshops – Various workshops on business topics, social entrepreneurial ventures and customized programs are available.

Custom Design – We recognize that businesses and teams need flexibility, so ISE can develop a customized training series that works for your organization.

Successful ventures and programs are accomplished by highly trained and skilled teams of Social Entrepreneurs. With our Courses & Workshops, we help clients build their own team of experts and design their own venture or program.


Our Courses & Workshops are key to building the skills, talents, capacity and understanding of team resulting in:

  • An Entrepreneurial Team with the Skills and Talents to Expand or Launch a Venture or Program.
  • A Customized Program, Concept and Profit Model.

Our Hybrid Approach to Reaching Clients

Our Courses & Workshops use a blended (hybrid) learning approach because our training, curriculum and programs are partially delivered online. We believe that there are benefits in combining face-to-face interaction (In Person) and Online Learning; this is especially true because our clients are engaged in life ventures or program in communities worldwide.

Progression Components In Person Online Hybrid
1. Assessment Assessment & Consultation X
2. First Look Series Introduction & Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurs X X
3. Level #1 – Winning Concepts & Impact Design First Look Series (prerequisite) Building the Social Team, Venture Profile & Concept X
4. Level #2 – Community Entrepreneurship Developers Series First Look Series (prerequisite), Level #1 (prerequisite), Securing Resources, Implementing Successful Ventures & Business / Venture Plans X
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