Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

The Importance of Planning

Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

The Institute for Social Entrepreneurship helps clients to develop winning concepts and programs. Our Value Creation Process (VCP) includes research, design and implementation of venture concepts and plans that help ensure profitability and serve as the architectural foundation for your business or venture.

We often get these questions.
1. Why do I need a Business Plan?
2. Can’t I use an online template?
3. Why should I invest in a plan?

Here is what we are saying to our clients on the importance of having a well designed Business Plan!

The Business Plan is the blue print for your concept and business.  It is similar to the architectural drawings for a construction project or building.  You wouldn’t build without a certified set of drawings and your business requires the same amount of discipline and investment.

You can use an online template if the importance of completing the Business Plan was a mere writing exercise or crunching the numbers to shoThe Business Process w profitability.  We provide the knowledge and experience to complete the Business Plan because we are experts at helping small businesses and social ventures.

All businesses and winning ventures require great planning and a winning concept to ensure success.  If you cut a corner on the planning stage, then you may be flying with a flight plan, expertise and enough resources.

We know that the investment in a Business Plan seems like a lot of upfront cost but it will be the greatest help to also secure investors, resources and partners.  Most importantly, it’s the blue print for success. Lastly, you can get advice from others but we are experts at helping small businesses.

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