Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

Who Are Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs have a burning desire and commitment to address social and business needs as a complete solution. They are engaged in life changing missions that solve problems and complete projects on a global scale. Social Entrepreneurs incorporate their love for business (customers and profit) into sustainable ventures or programs. They launch ventures to make measurable impacts or sustainable change while generating a profit.

In a nutshell, it’s someone attuned to both business and the big picture; who applies his or her business expertise to create social value; and who provides smart solutions to community problems by thinking like an entrepreneur.

Social Entrepreneurs can be individuals, owners, businesses or organizations. They are often people that are already successful in business or life and desire to share their passion and skills by finding a significant cause or area to invest in.

Social Entrepreneurs go above and beyond business “as usual,” they can leverage their skills and resources to address serious needs, expand their impact and bolster the communities, neighborhoods, schools and services in the places they do business.

Four Potential Paths – Which is Right for You?

Expand My Business’ Bottom Lines through Cause Alliances – by partnering with great causes, combining the desire to incorporate their love for business into profit making sustainable ideas / change.

Developing a Unique Social Ventures – Desire to launch a Social Entrepreneurial venture.

Social Entrepreneurship Developer – Interested in putting their ideas into action to make communities a better place.

Community Entrepreneurship Development (CED) – A community-building model that addresses business and social needs using the power of Social Entrepreneurship that transforms entire neighborhoods and commercial areas.

Social Entrepreneurs and Path
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