Tru Salon: A Place of True Beauty

Tru Image with ISE TeamTrue beauty is the response that one gets after visiting the Tru Salon in Pittsford or on Park Avenue.

In a recent visit to the Tru Salon, I had a opportunity to connect with the owner Julie and her great staff. I am always fascinated by the great conversations and hospitality. But what impresses me most is the beauty of the Tru concept found at both locations.

A salon that makes people feel, look and sound beautiful. I pause to wonder if there are special ingredients in the products and there certainly are. I can attribute the feel and look of beauty to the trained staff who’s skills exceed other salons. I found the ingredient that makes me take notice is the love and care they place on their customers and in return there is a unique sound the customers make.

This love and care is the intangible ingredient that makes the entire pampered experience for women and men. Customers book their next appointment with a sound anticipation as they leave the salon.

Beauty may not solely be in the eyes of beholder but it sure is evident in the Tru Salon concept.

Stop by the either salon location and say hi to Julie. She, the staff and partners will show you Tru beauty.

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