The Father’s Lenses

The Vision Caster
Herbert L Dey
Herbert L. Dey (June,  1931 – June, 2011)

The message is a special celebration in salute to fathers.  Being a father can have a profound impact on a child’s life.  One key aspect fathers can play is the role of the Vision Caster.  A Vision Caster has the unique ability to project a vision on a screen (the screen of life) where a child can see themselves within.

My father (Herbert L. Dey) was a great man and he casted a vision that included the following principles:

  • Create Value
  • Have compassion for others
  • Do things right the first time

The Father’s Voice and Direction
Behind many successful people is the voice and direction of the Vision Caster (the father) that helps his child or children to see the world of opportunity; first through the lenses of the father and then

Mentors help us see and learn
Mentors Help Children See and Learn

independently as we let our children grow.

The clarity to the vision is sharpened as the father shows the love and patience needed to cultivate learning and growth.  Of course it’s a process of growth as the Picture Camerasfather helps his child or children to develop the confidence and skills to shape their own future and vision.  Our desire is to see our children build a better future and vision because they had our love and vision.

Happy Father's Day


Truths About the Father and Vision Casting

  • A child’s vision is their screen of life
  • The Vision Caster, the father, must let their children learn & grow
  • Children will build a better future and vision because they the love and vision of a father, the Vision Caster.

Happy Father’s Day – Keep Casting Visions

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