Talent vs Determination

The Importance of Talent

A talent is a special ability or aptitude one possesses. Talent can be translated into value for Social Entrepreneurs as they engage customers. The added challenge for Social Entrepreneurs is the goal of addressing a social need simultaneously.

Determination is the unwillingness to give up even in the face of adversity. Often, adversity includes the things that Social Entrepreneurs foresee as well as things that can blindside them. The inner challenges force Social Entrepreneurs to question their ability to complete the race.

Social Entrepreneurs must continually learn and apply concepts and methods to improve their effectiveness.  The journey also forces Social Entrepreneurs to draw upon a variety of skills and talents to ensure their success.

Many people give up on their journey before they achieve the success they envisioned. While talent is an important characteristic for Social Entrepreneur, the ability to remain committed is vital. The complexity of operating a venture while balancing life’s demands requires an unspeakable amount of determination.

The Power of Determination

Determination is by far the most important quality that Social Entrepreneurs must live out during their journey. In the face of great odds, personal challenges, financial obstacles and the added complexity of addressing a social need pushes determination to top.

The journey is a long distance race that requires talent but the greatest characteristic is determination; the ability to continue in the face of all adversity. At the end of the journey, Social Entrepreneurs are running a business that also transforms lives.

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