Institute for Social Entrepreneurship


Are you looking for any of the following outcomes?


•  Marketing Research Reports & Plans

•  Venture Concepts, Commercialization Options and Profit Models

•  Comprehensive Business and Social Venture Plans

•  Customized Training or Programs (in-person or online)

•  Impact Design and Evaluations

You will benefit from our collective 30 years of experience launching and sustaining social ventures. We will help you research, design and implement a customized venture or program solutions. Our team of experts will guide you through all stages of our Value Creation Process.

Value Creation Process Diagram

Our services are bundled as a Tool Box to provide:

1. Streamlined venture concept and planning process

2. Access to online learning and customized training / programs

3. Models of successful venture plans and research

Venture Profile, Planning, & Design


•  Venture Background and Research

•  Venture Ideas and Profit Models

•  Venture Concepts and Sustainable Program Design

Online Learning Management System

E Learning

•  Online Social Entrepreneurship Courses

•  Customized Online Team Training or Program Development

Business Plan & Marketing Research

Business Plan

•  Marketing Research & Plan Templates

•  Business and Social Venture Plan Templates

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