– Looking for the Right Match



Over 1.8 million people subscribe to to find the missing person in their life. How many of use an on-line service of some type to connect to people to enhance our personal lives.


Maybe we need to connect us to the right business opportunities. It is alarming to see how much we (Americans) are willing to invest in personal relationships but forego investing our financial futures.


The Problem(s): The challenge is know our path even though we don’t spent any significant time or energy connecting to the right opportunities. It’s time for where we match people with the best ideas and opportunities.


The Solution

The Institute was featured in today Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.   The goal of the article highlights how to know if you are an entrepreneur and alternatives if you are not. It goes on to suggest the importance of matching the individual with the Right opportunity.


Follow the link to read the article.

Additional information on the Institute’s website at

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