Kicked Out or into Your Opportunity


How many of us have a loved one that have been displaced or lost their job? Maybe you are one of the unfortunate people without a job? Millions of Americans are in the same position.


Many of the displaced workers are finding it impossible to find a comparable. Maybe the answer lies in their path forward. Just maybe you being kicked out of your last job presents an opportunity?



Being displaced can have financial and emotional consequences but maybe this is your time to take that great idea and run with it. Some of us have been holding on to that great idea for the right time. You have tabled your dream and passion but being kicked out has presented an opportunity.


I get it, you have bills and obligations but do they have to stop you from pursuing your great idea or opportunity? Maybe the question is more about why you keep allowing your life to be directed by circumstances and others. All too often people wait to the end of life to begin living. Now might be the right time to just do it!!!


The Problem(s):

The challenge of balancing the dream (the future) and the need to sustain your household (the present) can be an immense pressure to an individual entrepreneur and household.   Let’s say you have this great idea; it’s going to take the following three ingredients:futurepresent

  • Time (an ongoing period you can devote to your business)
  • Talent or Skills (a unique ability that creates or translates in to value for customers)
  • Resources (anything needed to launch and sustain your winning concept including money)
  • Belief (a trust or a confidence things will be successful)


All of the above are core ingredients needed to implement your idea.


The issue is how best to burn the candle on both ends until the success of the business venture can sustain you and your family.


doubleendcandleSolution How can you accomplish both, the business and family needs? The easiest solution is to clone you? While that sounds like a solution, science has not perfected the process and the world probably can’t handle two of you.


A more practical set of recommendations may include the following:

  • Devote Your Time – Burning the candle at both ends. You may have to moonlight or do both until the business takes off.
  • Invest Your Talent or Skill – Expand your ability to reach your customers through a blended approach. Some face to face connecting and ongoing communication that you can do remotely or during your available hours.
  • Secure the Resources Needed – Look for help from others that are willing to assist the venture during the startup phase. Offer them a concrete role and responsibilities and develop a compensation level that matches their value to the business and customer.
  • You Must Believe – You have to see the reality of your success before it appears in the natural.

The Truth About Life in the Opportunity

  1. The entrepreneur’s typical schedule may include 15 hour work days!!!! You may have to take anotheryoumustbelieve job, often at night, in addition to running your business full-time.
  2. Remember not to co-mingle audiences. The customer will not feel valued if you are multitasking when you should be devoted to meeting their need. Only take calls if you have the time to devote to a real conversation.
  3. You cannot accomplish your vision on your own. Seek out people that are willing to value your business and customers.
  4. No one can see or believe for your success more than you. Surround yourself with people that can be your champion; they will also inspire you especially when you are discouraged.
  5. You can’t see the road ahead or the opportunity while looking and being directed from the back seat.

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