The Institute For Social Entrepreneurship

Our Mission is to Promote Social Entrepreneurial Concepts,  Programs and Individuals

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At the institute we know what it takes to become an entrepreneur and our proven methods help to promote, grow, and train you to be the kind of entrepreneurs that are a value to the community as well as themselves.

There is a shift in our global economy happening. Where will you be when the business models of yesterday stop working? What will you do when you have to count more on yourself? Do you know how to build a network within your community that will lift everyone up?

Our team has a proven three phase process that includes and business assessment, knowledge sharing and we help develop the business tools for your success. We are also available for on-going mentoring to help guide you through all stages of your business. We have world class team that delivers high level results and we look forward to guiding your business to make a difference in the world!

Our Vision is to research, design and implement initiatives that train individuals and promote Social Entrepreneurship

What is a social entrepreneur?

In a nutshell, it’s someone attuned to both business and the big picture; who applies his or her business expertise to create social value; and who provides smart solutions to community problems by thinking like an entrepreneur. Traditionally, entrepreneurs have trained their focus on products, services and profits. At ISE, we know entrepreneurs can do more—and are often expected to. Above and beyond business “as usual,” they can leverage their skills and resources to address serious needs, expand their impact and bolster the communities, neighborhoods, schools and services in the places they do business. For a decade, we at ISE have studied and observed how entrepreneurs can thrive in business and beyond, reaching out and building ties to the community. Our methods, framework and support system are focused on helping entrepreneurs make practical, positive and lasting impact. From our initial assessment of your business to our consulting service as it grows, ISE provides the tools and knowledge to help your venture find success and a way to give back—the “venture” and the “cause” that combine for the buzzword of today’s business: cause venture. Our research and experience show that businesses tied to a social cause will generate more sales and profit. Your success is our success, and together we will make the world a better place.